Quality Labels

In France and Europe, official logos are used to recognize products that have an official sign of quality and origin.

Source : INAO

The ‘AOP’ ( Protected Designation of Origin ) label represent a quality seal that guarantee the highest standards in terms of origin, processes and quality .The ‘ AOP ‘ products labelled with his mark are produced, processed and refined in a clearly defined region whose authenticity and originality comes from and the way it’s made.

The protected geographical indication designates a product whose characteristics are linked to the geographical place in which at least its production or processing takes place according to well-defined conditions. It is a European sign that protects the name of the product throughout the European Union.

The ‘ Specialité Traditionelle Garantie ‘ ( Traditional Speciality Garanteed ) protects a traditional recipe ,product composition or it’s traditional manufacturing. The label is used to highlight the quality of the ingredients and the traditional character of the method of production .

The ‘ AOC’ ( Controlled Designation of Origin )is a French label used to classify a product whose authenticity and originality comes from it’s geographical origin and the way it’s made . The AOL label was originally created to protect the origin of the wine, but given the success of this concept it spreads to different kinds of agricultural products such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, poultry ..

Organic farming guarantees that the production method is respectful of the environment and animal welfare. The rules governing the organic production method are the same throughout Europe, and imported products are subject to the same requirements. The Euroleaf, the European logo (above) which guarantees that a product is organically produced, has been compulsory since 1 July 2010.

The ‘ Label Rouge ‘ ( Red Label ) is an official sign that guaranties that the product you are buying is from a superior quality, or made with more rigorous standards than one which does not have the label.